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Know Me Here :

Mala meaning ‘sacred garland’ in Indian scripture believes in inspiring everyone with bursting joy!

I was born and brought up in South India with our family of five. My memories are entailed of my beloved father who continues to live in my heart everyday! 

At the age of fifteen, I started off my journey venturing and finding my one true love, Sathya ‘truth’, who completes my love story. I enjoyed my time working as a legal secretary at a law firm and as a homemaker for over a decade. It was then time for our new addition to the family showering our bundle of joy Mahitha ‘greatness’ in 2007. She is that treasure who held the love intact in many different miraculous ways! Our time together with parenting her, was and is beyond priceless. She holds the most perfect future!

My experience volunteering as a hospice companion for over three years was heartfelt and spending time with every patient strengthened me with the best choices made in my life moving forward. This is how and when Mala Photography originated in 2020.

Our bonding together finally brought our dearest dog Saffron to us in 2021 with infinite love!

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